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Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Atlantic Technologies. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Engineering Group, the digital transformation company, leader in Italy with approximately 12,000 employees and over 60 offices across Europe, USA, and South America.

As part of the Engineering Group, Atlantic will strengthen its consulting capabilities and offerings which will invariably add more value to its customers and ensure the best-in-class services in the area of CRM, ERP and BI. The goal is to continue empowering our customers and make sure they thrive in the digital world.


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«I am delighted that Atlantic Technologies is joining Engineering, an Italian Digital Champion with an international vocation that will allow us to enhance and strengthen our leadership in the field of ERP and CRM», says Marcelo Di Rosa, founder and Board Member of Atlantic Technologies. «For some time, together with management, we had been thinking about the right partner to support Atlantic’s growth and ambitions. Engineering was the best choice because it has the characteristics that best fit Atlantic’s goals. As a member of the Board of Directors, I will provide my experience in giving continuity to the company’s business and to assist in the transition within Engineering».

«The ongoing Digital Transformation is deeply and irreversibly revolutionizing the business models of every market sector», explains Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering. «Engineering’s goal is to support companies to evolve, becoming increasingly efficient and agile. Atlantic Technologies represents for our Group a strategic opportunity with which we aim to consolidate Tech Excellence for our customers, through the development of digitalization paths capable of innovating the business and creating value by offering cutting-edge technologies and best-of-breed solutions».


Atlantic will maintain its independence

Atlantic will remain independent within the group but thanks to the Engineering Group resources, it will help to further grow Atlantic’s partnerships with Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle and Infor. Engineering’s goal is to become the most important Italian digital player in the international market.

Under the leadership of Fabio Momola, new CEO of Atlantic Technologies, and with the support of Marcelo Di Rosa, member of the Board of Directors, our company is uniquely positioned to successfully serve our existing and new customers by letting them generate value for their customers, their employees, and their own business. By joining forces with Engineering, we will create a stronger offer also for our partners as we’ll be able to provide the best skills to satisfy customer needs.

#AtlanticPeople will continue to work alongside our customers on the projects.

We look forward to working with Engineering Group on our new journey!

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