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Big data is defined as the area where procedures and data sets are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing software, so innovative ways to analyse and systemically extract information are required.

Often, Big Data is paired up with AI systems. These two amazing innovative technologies empower machine learning, progressively restate and update data banks, and taking the support of human interactions are defining the synchronicity of efficient results.

Atlantic Technologies uses Oracle Big Data Management Platform with Oracle True Cloud. It enhances:

  • Data Science: Oracle’s data science solutions span a range of needs with collaborative data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge applications.
  • Business Analytics: Oracle Analytics extracts value from data to create insights through analysis and prediction.
  • Data Integration: Oracle data integration technologies weave varied data sources into a comprehensive and manageable data fabric to unify access across all datasets for processing and analysis.
  • Data Management: Oracle’s data management services use a multimodal database and enterprise data lake to deliver storage, processing, and access for maximising data.
  • Cloud, On Premise, Hybrid: Oracle Cloud offers the best of public, private, on premise, and hybrid cloud environments in a single offering, providing performance, isolation, transparency, and security.

There are several benefits to Big Data analytics such as improved decision making, strengthening customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Because of the complexity of Big Data, our specialist consultancy company has invested into the best people able to manage the volume of data and best technologies to work with. This synergy empowers our clients to capture, manage and analyse unstructured data with our most advanced products.

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