The Gartner Magic Quadrant, which is created by the global advisory firm Gartner, is a graphical representation that illustrates the competitive value of the world’s principal technology vendors. Gartner bases its research on eligible companies on two simple criteria: how well-rounded their vision is, and how well it is put into practice. These evaluations then take shape in a graph, which is divided into four quadrants:

gartner magic quadrant LEADERS
Leaders have the highest composite scores for their vision and their ability to put it into practice;

Challengers actively participate in the marketplace, performing well enough to pose a major threat to suppliers in the leader quadrant;

Visionaries offer innovative products that tackle operational or financially important problems for end users on a large scale;

Niche players are often focused on particular market segments or verticals.


How do I use a Gartner Magic Quadrant?
The Gartner Magic Quadrant can be the first step to understanding the technology providers you might consider for a specific investment opportunity. We at Atlantic Technologies are committed to forging strategic partnerships with the leader quadrant, allowing us to provide valuable advice that’s based on the best available technology.


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