Strata Homes

Client: Strata Homes
Year: 2015

Strata has developed a full customer experience journey in new house ownership


Strata homes have been building affordable homes with 16 developments across Yorkshire and the Midlands. Strata are passionate about design of their homes and most importantly their customer service. Stratas website quotes them saying ‘Our customers are part of everything we do and we’re passionate about providing a unique and outstanding customer experience. That’s why currently 95.7% of our customers said they would recommend Strata to a friend’.

Strata realized that the way to achieve their customer service goals and to allow for the rapid expansion of the company, they would need to utilize modern cloud-based technology and with that in mind implemented a simple Salesforce™ Service Cloud solution in 2014 with a view to develop the system to full automation.

Strata Homes


Atlantic Technologies took over the management and development of the Strata Org in 2015 and set about identifying new processes and tools to match with Strata’s vision of great customer service. This included allowing their maintenance engineers to obtain customer signatures directly onto a Smartphone which saved using paper forms. This speeded up the process and helped increase back-office efficiency.

In early 2016, Atlantic assisted in the installation and setup of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud using the Pardot B2B email system. This allowed Strata to more effectively target messages to new enquiries created from RightMove, Zoopla and their own online marketing projects. Soon afterward, an extensive email journey was developed to assist the customer journey and to send informative emails to customers at key stages of the purchasing process.

During the Summer of 2016, the focus turned to online Surveys and Getfeedback was integrated to allow automated survey request to be sent to clients at key stages. This allows Strata to properly measure customer feedback and create alerts to the Customer Service team, directly into Salesforce Chatter should a potential problem be identified.

Atlantic continue to support and develop Stratas long-term vision for their customer relationship management system.


  • 60 Salesforce users
  • Manage the house purchase journey, from initial interest to completion
  • Deliver a customer service system during the 2 year warranty period
  • Track the customer journey and automate messages at key stages
  • Automate customer email journeys using the Marketing Cloud
  • Set up and automate the sending of Surveys and automate alerts for any negative feedback
  • Use Salesforce reporting to send completion statements to clients solicitors