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Salesforce Ducati Day | The best Car Dealer CRM

Car dealers and companies in the automotive sector came together for the first edition of Salesforce Ducati Day, an event dedicated to understanding how CRM benefits the industry. The event was organized by Atlantic Technologies in collaboration with Salesforce and Informatica. Throughout the afternoon, we discussed cutting-edge strategies for increasing productivity and customer satisfaction in the sector.


Access the content of the Car Dealer Event

On 21 November, Ducati Motor Holding hosted us in its factory and in the Museum of Borgo Panigale (in Bologna) to offer valuable insights into CRM innovations and Cloud Salesforce. The most respected industry experts tailored their talks to the following Car Dealers:


autostar logo Luca Villotta, Chief Technical & Digital Officer | Gruppo Autostar



Ducati Logo Partnership Domenico Foschi, Network Development Coordinator | Ducati Motor Holding



Salesforce Andrea Carboni, Regional Sales Director | Salesforce



atlantic logo Darya Deliyeva, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Lead | Atlantic Technologies



informatica logo Amedeo Muro, EMEA Cloud Sales Manager | Informatica




Car Dealership CRM: How Can You Benefit from the Salesforce Ducati Day content?

Atlantic Technologies organized the first edition of Salesforce Ducati Day to discuss the benefits of Salesforce, the best CRM for car dealers, dealerships, and other companies in the automotive sector. Throughout the event, we presented some of the platform’s latest innovations, which have the ability to:

  • Accelerate sales processes | Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Manage customer journeys from beginning to end, create 1:1 multi-channel path, and generate both customized and automated marketing strategies | Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Manage all customer service processes with ease | Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Analyse and foresee all business and industry needs, optimizing processes via AI algorithms | Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Obtain clean, secure, and integrated data, thanks to the Informatica Cloud Platform.

In addition to the above, Luca Villotta from Autostar Group presented the company’s KPIs, which were met thanks to digital transformation initiatives and the continuous review of business processes.

Who in the Automotive Sector Benefits from Salesforce?

Atlantic Technologies and Salesforce created a demo that illustrated the potential of Car Dealership CRM. The event addressed the following employees: IT Representatives, CRM as Marketing, Sales Managers, Managing Directors, and the Board.



Ducati Motor Holding: founded in 1926 it has been producing its signature sports motorcycles – which are characterized by high-performance engines, an innovative design, and cutting-edge technology – since 1946. The company’s factory is located in the Borgo Panigale district of Bologna. In 2016, Ducati not only celebrated its 90th anniversary but also achieved all industry sales records, selling 55,451 motorcycles all around the world.


Gruppo Autostar: “Innovation is the engine of economic growth for our company, as well as for the community as a whole”. Thanks to this mentality, Autostar is one of the major players in the Italian automotive sector, boasting an impressive turnover. The company has ten offices located in Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Veneto. Autostar was also the winner of the “Management Innovation Award” at the Automotive Dealer Day in 2017.


Informatica: a global leader in data cloud management. For more than 20 years, it’s supported the growth of companies utilizing integrated data solutions and services.


In addition to this event, Atlantic Technologies has organized the second edition of Salesforce Ducati Day, this time dedicated to the manufacturing sector. Learn more!


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