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Sales Cloud Einstein, Artificial Intelligence for Smart Selling

Breaking news: Salesforce has enriched Sales Cloud with Einstein, the new and powerful tool that makes your sales team more effective through Artificial Intelligence – AI. Let’s talk about the best features of the personal Data Scientist who serves the world’s number one CRM.


What is Einstein?

Within Salesforce, Einstein is a new AI solution that integrates perfectly with the sales module of the CRM. It’s a powerful tool that allows users to predict customer habits by combining thousands of bits of information from different sources, such as emails, calendars, Tweets, shopping preferences, and more.


Based on this data, the tool generates paths of predictive analysis that ensure easy and immediate understanding of the customer’s profile, optimising relationships with them and thus increasing productivity.


Einstein Increases Productivity & Efficiency

The tool provides business representatives with analyses, forecasting, and planning through a pre-configured system of performance analysis and metrics. The analytics solution within Sales Cloud is able to capture and highlight the useful value of the data by analysing the history of interactions, opportunities, and leads. During this process in Salesforce, Einstein creates dynamic and effective prediction patterns and predictive scoring for decision-making and strategy. One of the most important features is Lead Scoring, which evaluates the lead qualification level by assigning a numerical score and differentiating between “hot” stats.


Einstein sales cloud salesforce WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES?
  • Increased connections and conversion rate
  • Involvement of the most receptive lead
  • Understanding factors to identify the validity of a lead
  • Increased productivity
  • Targeted and effective actions


In a reality dominated by big data, you don’t have to worry about analysing and processing a large amount of data that’s available and valuable to your business. When you’re using Salesforce, Einstein Analytics will do it for you!