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Anaplan | Atlantic Technologies’ New Performance Management Partner

Atlantic Technologies has made the ground-breaking decision to enrich its CPM offerings with Anaplan. Adopting this native cloud solution is a noteworthy innovation, particularly when compared to traditional Business Intelligence and Performance Management systems. We couldn’t let this opportunity slip through our fingers!


What is Anaplan and why is it revolutionary for Performance Management?

Anaplan is a cloud-based planning and performance platform that offers significant business potential. The solution provides a unified approach to planning by bringing together elements of Sales Performance Management, planning, and financial analysis. Anaplan was first launched in 2010 and presents itself as a revolutionary alternative to traditional performance management software. Let’s talk about how it sets itself apart from its competitors.



  • They have poor process modeling capabilities
  • They do not give visibility to all relevant data
  • They do not provide a complete overview of all data.

In short, traditional CPM systems fail to provide comprehensive and effective support in a company’s decision-making processes.



By contrast, Anaplan benefits any planning process by connecting data, people, and projects in every business environment. As it’s extremely flexible and scalable, the software is used all over the world for:

  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting and analysis
  • Demand and supply chain planning
  • Sales compensation and land management
  • Many other business planning requirements.


Anaplan: Leader in Performance Management and Connected Planning

Anaplan is not only a leader in the field of performance management, but also stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to connected planning. Here are some of the innovative functionalities that make Anaplan a role model in the new era of connected planning.


Powerful Design and Modelling

“The best data drives informed decisions.” Anaplan enables you to evaluate data that lays out all possible outcomes of a decision before actually taking action. This combination of retrospective and forward-looking data is ideal for successful decision making.


The World’s Most Collaborative Cloud Planning Platform

“Modern planning and decision-making is collaborative.” To facilitate collaboration, Anaplan was built in cloud – and for cloud. The platform enables large-scale, collaborative planning, and makes the impact that a decision may have across a company immediately visible.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

“Empower business-owned innovation with governance.” ALM and Anaplan’s security features enable business users to be self-sufficient when creating and maintaining planning models and processes. As a result, many companies use Anaplan with thousands of users – and with minimal or zero IT support. Anaplan integrates these innovative features with traditional elements of CPM solutions, such as data visualization, flexible cryptography, and data integration from different sources (including external ones).


Anaplan leads the field of awards and investments

Today, the Company is among the 500 fastest growing companies in North America. Among its most important loans is one from Salesforce, whose mission is to create mission di create “the world’s largest ecosystem of enterprise cloud companies“.
What’s more, Anaplan was recognized by Gartner, who identified the company as a solution leader in its Magic Quadrant three times in recent years:

  • 2015 Visionary Solution in CPM
  • 2016 In the Hype Cycle Program for Human Capital Management
  • 2017 Leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM).


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